Hitori Kakurenbo, also known as "One Man Tag." This is the cause of the first Paranormal incident concerning Mikoto Himeno.

How to performEdit

First, you gather the items needed for the game.

A stuffed animal with two arms and legs, some say that this cannot be a doll resembling a human because the spirit may not leave the doll, and cannot be a doll you cherish for the same reason.

Rice to fill the doll with.


Nail clippers (the traditional way to play is to cut some of your own nails to put inside the doll, some people believe any part of your body; skin, blood, hair, anything will work, but others believe only nail clippings are safe.) Using any part of another person would curse them, so please don’t do so! If multiple people play use nail clippings from every person.

A needle and red Thread, enough to sew the doll shut after putting the rice in and then wind around the doll several times, as if to bind it.

A sharp instrument to stab the doll with (Traditionally a knife is used, but many believe the safest way to go is to use a needle, or even a pencil because if the spirit would find you it would stab you with the same thing you used to stab it.)

A wash basin, sink, tub, or anything that will hold enough water to submerge the doll.

The most important part!! A glass full of alcohol or salt water. Be warned if you intend to use alcohol, traditionally Japanese Sake is thought to be the only thing that really works, because some believe it to be pure. It is probably safest to use salt water because every telling agrees that this can be used.

Now, before we go into how to play, I would like to explain what each part of the doll is meant to represent. The doll itself is a body for the entity you create/summon to inhabit. The rice is both thought to be an offering for the spirit to make it strong, and to represent the innards of the body. The red thread represents blood vessels and binds the entity inside the doll. And the most interesting part, the fingernails are thought either to be a representation of you to focus the spirits anger, a representation of you to focus the curse your placing upon yourself, or a representation of you to help create your mirror self.

Alright, now on to how to play.

First, cut open your doll and take out all the stuffing, replace it with the rice.

Sew your doll shut with the red thread and use the rest to bind the dolls arms and legs, wrap it around the doll as many times as you can and tie it off.

Name the doll anything but your own name. Some people think it will curse another person if you name the doll after them, so please refrain from doing so!

Wait until dark, some believe it has to be 3:00 AM while others believe its fine to do it at any time after dark. Make sure you are the only one in the house!

Any other people or possibly even pets could be found by the entity and killed. Some people say multiple people can play together in which case each person takes a turn being “it” and finding the doll, the doll goes last. But traditionally the game is played alone.

When your ready to start the game, take your sink/tub/basin and fill it with water.

Turn off all the lights in the house, you may leave a TV on. Some say you should leave one TV on near your hiding place and what happens to the TV tells you what the spirit is doing. Some say you can leave all your TVs on, but only set to static.

You should have a hiding place picked out before starting the ritual! The hiding place should be easily secured, like a closet, some say you should lock the door, others say this is a hazard and you should leave all doors including the outside door unlocked for a quick escape if necessary. Still others say you should never leave the house until the game is over, but they didn’t specify why. It may be wise to protect your hiding place by pouring a ring of salt around it, like inside all the walls of a closet, and you should include any religious symbols you believe in and feel are protective.

Some people say it is a good idea to keep some friends safely outside in case you need to call them for help, but because some other people say they have even found the doll outside the house this may not be safe. Keep a cellphone set to silent with you at all times.

Now, to start the ritual. Stand over your container of water holding your doll and say three times

“(your name) will be the first it. (your name) will be the first it. (your name) will be the first it.” Some have said you have to speak to the doll in a stern voice.

Now drop your stuffed animal into the water, walk into another room of the house and count to ten.

Walk back into the room where the stuffed animal is, pick it up and say “(Dolls name) I found you!” Stab the doll. Then say “Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it! Now (doll name) is it!”

Drop the doll back into the water with the item you stabbed it with and quickly but quietly go to your hiding place carrying your salt water or alcohol. Now, at this point some people say you have to put the water in your mouth right after stabbing the doll and proclaiming it “it” while others say you only need to keep the water with you to use as you leave your hiding place.

Stay perfectly quiet while hiding! This is very important because if you are found, even if you only used a pencil to stab the doll something bad will happen to you. Some people have said the spirit will be inside the hiding place with them, pulling on hair and breathing down their neck. If you suspect the spirit is inside your hiding place put the water in your mouth if you haven’t already! This will protect you from the spirit. Most say they hear the spirit moving around the house looking for them, calling out their name, even yelling and cussing at them to get them to come out. I would advise you not to. Others have said the TV changes channels, changes volume, or turns off and on.

Now here is another place the tellings change, some say you should only play this game for two hours or less or the spirit could become too powerful to dispel. Others say you should play until the sun rises. Whichever you choose to believe, when it is time to end the game, or you are too scared to continue the following is the proper way to end the game and dispel the entity. Please, if you play this game do not quit without ending the game! Please follow these instructions!

When you are ready to end the game fill your mouth as much as you can with the salt water. This is only my opinion but I would wait until it sounds like the spirit is not in the next room, or if you hear it on the other side of the house – not between you and where you expect the doll to be. Carry the rest of the water with you and quietly make your way to the doll. Many have said the doll is not always where they left it, so be prepared to search the house for the doll, and the sharp tool still may not be with it. Some say you should only look forward at this point, not behind you.

When you find the doll spit the salt water over it, some say you should also pour the rest of the water still in the glass over the doll as well. Close your eyes and say “I win! I win! I win!” The game is over.

Many say you should now go through the house and turn all the lights back on.

The next part is extremely important! Dry the doll as soon as possible and burn it! Every telling Ive read says that if you don’t burn the doll, the game is over but the spirit is not dispelled or banished and could still hurt you!


In the prologue, it is revealed that the protagonists friend, Yuka, used the hitori kakurenbo ritual


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